Tuesday, September 6, 2011

6 Best Places to Shop for Whole Natural Foods

Eating well is all about planning well. Before I give you a menu, you need to know where to shop. Here are my top 6 picks. If you don't have any of these markets available in your area, plan to take a short trip to each of the markets you do have and price out your produce, meats and snacks ahead of time so you can get the most bang for your buck.

1. Trader Joe's: Local produce at a great price. An array of seasonal produce from your local farmers can be bought here. TJ's is passing on savings to customers daily by buying directly from suppliers. As they state on the website, "every penny we save, is a penny you save". 
Shop for produce and meats here whenever possible. TJ's wine is a great deal too. 2 Buck Chuck is no joke! This award winning wine is only 2 dollars on the west coast and 4 dollars on the east coast. Incredible price for some of the tastiest wine I've had in a while.

2. Fresh Market: Amazing selection of hard to find organic produce. The pricing is not stellar, but the produce and products are. You'll pay a little more, but you're sure to find any and all organic produce out of season at this market. Antibiotic Free meats, exotic imported cheeses and some very affordable snacking items, shopping here is always a pleasurable experience. Free coffee, wine tasting and you can try anything in the store before you buy it. Just ask a manager or sales associate before dipping into the goods!

3. Whole Foods: Oh how I miss the days when I was able to buy everything on my grocery list in just on stop. Whole foods has it ALL! They have the most remarkable organic products on the market, a friendly and knowledgeable staff and the best Creamy Tomato Basil Soup I've ever had! What a great store. Wish they would open one in my town.

4. Publix: Incredible Weekly Deals, Antibiotic free milk, Boar's Head Deli Meat, Olive Bar and the Greenwise section make Publix irresistible to most Floridians. Not to mention that there's literally one on every corner. Publix also gets an A+ for outstanding customer service.  If you get to the register without something you need, they'll send the cashier or bagger to fetch it for you. Now that's service!

5.Wards: This is my local go-to mom and pop grocer. If your town has one, do yourself a favor and become well acquainted with them. Great deals on produce EVERYDAY. They have a bulk section that puts most chain grocers to shame. They buy ONLY local fresh produce and like Trader Joe's they pass on the value to the customer. Bought chicken breast there this week for $1.29lb. Also bought green peppers for .30 cents a piece. What a great place to save!

6. Farmer's Markets: Don't overlook your local farmer's market. It takes some extra planning (i.e. taking out cash, organizing your shopping around the market's schedule and having some idea of which vendors frequent your market), but it's sure worth it. At the farmer's market you can find specialty items such as raw milk and cheeses, raw nuts, local baked goods, and free-range fertilized eggs. Well worth setting aside some time to visit! Also, the farmer's market could be considered the healthiest place to shop because you won't be tempted by your favorite processed pre-packaged food products. 

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  1. I'm looking forward to more of your valuable insights on healthy eating and menu planning. Thanks for helping me loose the equivalent weight of a small child - I am forever grateful!
    Love ya!