Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the Road Again? Here are Some Healthy Snack Options for the Healthy Traveler

Chances are that if you're traveling this holiday season, you will surely be tempted to stop at fast food dives along the way. Here are some tips you can use to avoid buying into eating garbage just because it's "convenient" and "fast". The reality regarding fast food is that it's neither and ultimately will cost you a lot more than that $10. Fast food will cost you time on the road, money better spent on renting canoes or going to an art festival, and ultimately all the monosaturated fats, pesticidies, GMO's and preservatives in the food will cost you your health. Why trade convenience for quality of life? Pack a snack and be on your way to a better trip. Ensure that your family stays healthy, happy, healthy and full of energy this holiday season by feeding them organic, whole natural foods.  Here are my favorite snacks to pack for a long trip whether I'm by myself or with the kids:

1. Nuts: salted, raw or glazed almonds, pecans or walnuts
2. Homemade Hummus with toasted pita wedges or carrot, broccoli, celery etc..
3. 5 lb bag of Organic Apples
4. Nori
5. Organic Beef or Turkey Jerky
6. Wasabi Chips
7. Suzi's Brown Rice Crackers with Almond Butter, Apple Butter, Pumpkin Butter or just plain Peanut Butter 
8. Organic Bananas
9. Berries and Grapes
10. Cubed Organic Cheeses and Meats
11. Kale Chips
12. Beet Chips
13. Stove-popped Chili-Lime Popcorn
14. Split-Pea Crisps
15. Dark Chocolate and Almonds
16. Vegetable Spring Rolls
17. Hard-Boiled Eggs or Egg Salad with Whole Grain or Flax Seed Crackers
18. Tabouli
19. Olives
20.  Pickled Vegetables: artichokes, cucumbers, beets, okra and peppers, to name a few

1. Green tea or herbal tea, either not sweetened or sweetened with a little agave
2. Water that has been bottled in glass or BPA free plastic...avoid the mark-up on airport or rest stop bottled water and you can refill along the trip when  you stop at restaurants etc.
3. Iced Hibiscus or Ginger Tea with a bit of honey 
4. Citrus, Ginger or Mint flavored water..pick an orange, slice up some ginger root or cut some mint out of the garden, place in a water filled jug in the fridge and allow to infuse for several days prior to bottling and traveling. To speed up the process, add your favorite natural root, herb or fruit to water and boil for 2-5 minutes, allow water to cool, strain-out foreign matter and bottle it up for the long trip ahead. 

* worst case..you're simply too busy or distracted to plan ahead and pack you provisions, use your smart phone to plot whole foods, farmer's markets and or health food stores are along the way.

* Once you've arrived, look up the zip code of your destination town on happycow.net and find local farmer's markets, health food stores and healthy restaurants in the area.

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