Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Start the Morning with a Ve-Green Monster!

I had a really fun time with my husband's cousin a few weekends ago.  Kim is a young, attractive newlywed just brimming with enthusiasm and joy.  While we were sitting down to dine at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants, she told me about a blog she follows called skinnytaste.com.  I was immediately intrigued by the name and concept.  Also, one particular recipe that Kim mentioned sounded especially interesting.  The recipe is very simply called  "Green Monster" and it's essentially just a banana and protein shake with raw spinach.  As someone who adores simplicity, I made a few modifications to the recipe and resolved to try it out the following morning. 

 By eliminating the yogurt and substituting with some probiotic powder, I made the recipe vegan friendly and lactose-free.  Next, I subbed in almond butter for peanut.  During a holistic conference in Miami 15 years ago, I learned that peanuts affect the body's detoxification process by inhibiting liver function.  Since encountering this information, I've decided to scale down on my peanut butter intake(just in case).  Finally, I added some raw organic oats to the blender to increase fiber and add a little texture to the mix. Raw oats are also said to bind to bile acids and remove toxins from the body.

I recommend having this for breakfast when you're pressed for time.  The protein satiates your appetite, while the probiotic powder gets your system in order.  Also, the raw spinach is loaded with vitamins A, K, E, C and B6Spinach has a mild flavor, is only 7 calories a cup and is a excellent source of Folate, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper and Manganese.

Finally, this shake will rock your socks off...my kids ask for it as a dessert. Hope you enjoy this recipe!

                                                           Ve-Green Monster

1 cup of ice
1.5 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
2 cups of raw organic spinach
2 tbsp almond butter  or peanut butter
2 tsp probiotic powder
1/4 cup raw organic oats
1 large banana
2 tbsp flax seed meal
2 heaping tbsp hemp powder protein 
2 tsp agave nectar 

*Makes 3-4 8 oz servings.

1. Pour ingredients into the blender, set blender to crush ice mode and pulse for 15 sec.  Change blender setting to stir and blend for 60 sec or until smooth. Pour and enjoy!

 *Please be responsible by sourcing your food from local farms, whenever possible. 


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  2. Teresa, check out Tom's Fruity Medicine Chest Smoothie at http://www.wholelifenutrition.net/id6.html. I wasn't sure you got the web address written down when we talked last Sunday night.

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